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Eggcellent Family Fun This Easter

Are you eggcited to have an eggcellent time this Easter? Sorry, we’ll stop with the Easter puns and get cracking with lots of family fun ideas to celebrate Easter at home. With Easter not far away, we wanted to share some fun Easter games, activities and more that all of the family can enjoy! Hop to the next paragraph for some fantastic family fun ideas.

Decorate the house:

Get your house Easter ready by decorating it with some Easter themed decorations. Get crafty and cut out some Easter egg shapes from cardboard, decorate them and stick them around the house. Not feeling creative? While shopping for essentials, visit Home Bargains or B&M for beautiful Easter decorations that will certainly get your kids hopping for joy!

Paint & roll some eggs:

Keep the old school tradition going of boiling eggs, painting & decorating them and then rolling them to see whose egg will stay intact for the longest.

Top tip: Find a hill to roll your eggs down to see how far they roll!

Easter egg for breakfast:

How many times have your kids begged you to let them eat chocolate for breakfast at Easter? We know, it can be hard to say no. So, why not make their breakfast a little more eggciting by using half of an Easter egg to act as their cereal bowl? Simply, get half an Easter egg, put in their favourite cereal and pour in some milk. The kids still eat their cereal for breakfast, however this time it comes with a side of chocolate for after. The perfect Easter treat for the kids! (P.s. big kids will love to join in on this too!).

Create an Easter craft:

Get the kids to be creative by creating their own Easter craft. With bunny rabbit crowns, Easter wreaths, Easter painting, colouring in and more, there are lots of fun and creative Easter craft ideas that your kids can create at home.

Easter egg hunt:

You can’t celebrate Easter without an Easter egg hunt! Either hide lots of eggs in your house or garden and see who can find the most eggs, or create an Easter egg hunt with clues and riddles for your little ones to figure out and find the chocolate delight that waits for them at the end of their Easter egg hunt.

Easter egg dessert:

Let’s be honest, one of the best things about Easter is definitely the sweet treats and chocolate! So, if you are thinking about creating a delicious dessert for Easter, try this simple and truly indulgent treat! Get half an Easter egg, fill it with your favourite ice-cream and top it with chocolate sauce and your favourite sweet treat toppings. This will be an Easter dessert that all of the family will enjoy.

Top tip: This is a really sweet dessert, so don’t go too crazy on adding too many toppings!

Create an Easter basket or hamper for family members:

During lockdown, we know that it has been hard to be apart from your family members. So, why not create them an Easter hamper to show them that you care and that you are missing them. Fill it with Easter eggs, Easter themed goodies, their favourite treats and deliver it to their door (socially distanced of course). This is guaranteed to really put a smile on their face!

From everyone at Connswater Shopping Centre & Retail Park, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Easter and we hope you all have a lovely time celebrating at home.