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Fangtastic Family Fun This Halloween

With Halloween approaching and the kids off school, we have created some spooktacular ideas on how to have fangtastic family fun this Halloween at home. Take a trip down memory lane and have fun at home through fun old school Halloween themed games for kids and big kids (yes adults, you will have as much fun as your kids…if not more!).

Check out our top five fangtastic family fun ideas for Halloween at home:

Dunking for apples

How could you not play this classic game? It’s simple to play and provides so much fun! All you will need is a bucket filled with water and then add some apples. Whoever gets the most apples wins!
Top tip: Be prepared to get wet! Make sure you have a towel handy when playing this classic family game.

Toilet roll mummy

For this game you will need at least two teams of two people. Each pair will get a toilet roll and they must decide who will be the mummy and who will be the wrapper. The first team to wrap their mummy in the whole toilet roll wins!
Top tip: So, we all remember the shortage of toilet roll back in March…so make sure you have enough toilet roll before playing this game.

Pumpkin carving

You can’t partake in Halloween celebrations without carving some spooktacular pumpkins. So, get some pumpkins, a pumpkin carving set and get creative! Will you create a scary or fun design? Then, add a candle or battery powered light into your pumpkin and light it up.
Top tip: We strongly advise parental guidance while the kids create their pumpkin masterpieces, to ensure a safe and fun experience.

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is great fun for both kids & big kids and so we have created some free downloadable & printable clues for your Halloween treasure hunt.
Top tip: When hiding the clues, create a trail or a place in the chosen area that is easy to find for younger kids. However, make the clues really hard to find for older kids to draw out the suspense and to keep the whole family engaged.
Click here to download the Halloween treasure hunt clues

Connswater’s Monster Mash

Make sure you put this date in your diary! Connswater’s Monster Mash will be taking place on Saturday 31st October 2020 from 6.30pm-8.30pm live on Connswater Facebook page. Enjoy a fun disco for the kids on Halloween night, that will be filled with their favourite songs & big giveaways! Upload your Halloween pics in the Facebook live comments to be entered into our prize draw to win vouchers for the centre!
Top tip: Get the whole family involved and enjoy a Halloween party at home. Get dressed up in fancy dress, decorate the house in true Halloween fashion and enjoy Connswater’s Monster Mash!

We hope you have a fangtastic and safe Halloween! Happy Halloween from everyone at Connswater Shopping Centre & Retail Park.