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Half Term Break

With home schooling done for a week, I don’t know who is more excited for the half term break…the kids or the parents? Kids rejoice for a break and some time to have fun, while parents are delighted to not have to learn key stage three maths! So, with half term upon us, we have come up with some ideas to have lots of family fun in lockdown. Check out some of our ideas below.

Fun filled family time this half term:

1. Pancake Day

What’s better than half term break? Pancake Day falling during the half term break! This means that you can enjoy pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Which type of pancakes are your favourite…sweet or savoury? Get the kids involved in making delicious pancakes and get them to decorate their pancakes with their favourite toppings. What a tasty Tuesday treat that will be! So save the date for Pancake Day: Tuesday 16th February 2021.

2. Go for a local walk

There is nothing nicer than being able to get outside in the great outdoors and enjoy some fresh air! So why not take the kids out for a walk in your local area or along the Connswater Greenway? We have created a wonderful Winter walk scavenger hunt for all of the family. During your next walk, take note of how many things on the list you can see in your local area or even in your garden.

3. Board games

If you get a cold and wet day, stay indoors and play lots of fun board games with the family. Let each family member choose a board game that they would like to play and enjoy a board game day! So, what will you choose…snakes & ladders, the game of life? You decide!

4. Family fun baking

Baking is something that all of the family will love! With a tasty treat waiting at the end, the kids will be eager to get involved. From fairy cakes to chocolate muffins to cookies, cook up a storm this half term with the family! Warning, this may get messy in the kitchen!

5. Movie night

Who else remembers building indoor forts when they were younger? Recreate this magical memory with your children by getting lots of duvets, pillows and cushions together and build your own fort. Then, choose your favourite movie, make some hot chocolate, get some movie night snacks and settle down for a cosy movie night in with the family.