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Welcome to Connswater!

Have lots of fun creating a lockdown capsule with your kids, to create memories of their time during lockdown.

This is not only a fun activity that will keep the kids busy and entertained, as it will also allow them to remember this historic time in years to come. In the future, they can open up their lockdown capsule and reminisce on lockdown memories, their favourite things and more!

To create a lockdown capsule, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the download button below & print off the Lockdown Capusle worksheets.
  2. Get your kids to fill in the information in the worksheets.
  3. Find a box that you will use as their lockdown capsule.
  4. Place the worksheets and any other items that they would like to add in to the capsule.
  5. Bury the lockdown capsule or put it away somewhere safe for years to come.