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Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Friday 17th February 2023

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day so what better time to spread a little kindness around you.
Whether it’s to a stranger or a loved one, do something special to make someone’s day that little bit brighter and be the reason someone smiles today!


Kindness always starts with one person and we want to be the one to inspire the next to do the same. As it is a tough time for many people with the current cost of living crisis, we want to give back by creating a day that spreads happiness across the local community. To thank our loyal customers, we are giving away free gifts from Connswater stores to the public as Random Acts of Kindness.


From Sports Direct goodie bags, make-up from Semichem, free Subway cookies, The Perfume Shop fragrances, books from The Works, Relish Coffee Shop vouchers, beautiful bouquets of flowers and much more, you do not want to miss Random Acts of Kindness Day at Connswater Shopping Centre.

If you are shopping at Connswater or visiting a park in the local area, you might receive or find a special Random Act of Kindness to enjoy.

Keep an eye out and remember in a world where you can be anything, be kind!

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If you are lucky to receive a gift from us today, please take a photo and share it on your Facebook or Instagram. Remember to tag us as we would love to share this on our social channels!