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Get Summer Ready at Connswater Shopping Centre

Get Summer Ready at Connswater Shopping Centre – Your One-Stop Destination for All Your Sunny Season Essentials 

Summer is here and it’s time to make the most of the sunny season. Whether you’re planning a holiday or simply looking to enjoy the outdoors, Connswater Shopping Centre is the place to ensure you’re summer-ready. From booking your dream getaway to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses, stylish holiday clothes, and all the necessary sun protection, Connswater has everything you need under one roof to make this season unforgettable.

Book Your Dream Holiday

What better way to kickstart your summer than by planning a much-deserved getaway? Whether you’re dreaming of a tropical beach escape, a city adventure, or a scenic countryside retreat, Hays Travel are happy to help you book your ideal holiday. The friendly team will find the perfect package that suits your tastes and budget. Get ready to create lasting memories!


Sunglasses and Sun Protection

Protect your eyes from the sun’s rays in style with an extensive range of sunglasses available at Connswater. From trendy designer shades to affordable yet fashionable options, you’ll find the perfect pair to suit all face shapes and complement your summer outfits. Protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays is crucial too when spending time outdoors. Connswater has a variety of stores that offer a selection of high-quality suncreams and after-sun products to keep your skin healthy and glowing all summer long. Have fun in the sun responsibly with peace of mind.


Holiday Fashion

Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical paradise or embracing a staycation, Connswater Shopping Centre has you covered with the latest summer fashion trends to update your wardrobe. From flowy dresses and breezy shorts to stylish swimwear and beach accessories, you’ll find everything you need in our clothing stores to look & feel fabulous under the sun.


Travel Essentials

Preparing for a holiday adventure involves packing and organizing your belongings. Connswater has you covered with a range of stores offering a selection suitcases, backpacks and travel accessories to take the hassle away. From compact carry-ons to spacious luggage, you’ll find the perfect suitcase or travel bag to suit your needs, and browse through travel-sized toiletries, portable chargers, and other practical essentials that will make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.


BBQ Delights

No summer is complete without the sizzle of a backyard BBQ feast. Connswater Shopping Centre provides a selection of everything you need to host the perfect outdoor gathering. From marinated meats, to charcoal and BBQ utensils, you’ll find all the ingredients required to make your BBQ a hit and impress your guests. Enjoy the sunshine with your loved ones, and relish the delicious flavours of summer.


When it comes to getting summer-ready, whether you’re jetting off on a holiday or simply enjoying it at home, Connswater Shopping Centre has all the essentials you need. Explore our wide range of stores offerings to ensure you have everything for a memorable and enjoyable summer. Get ready to make the most of the sunny season by visiting Connswater Shopping Centre today.