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Tim Hortons® opens first Northern Ireland Drive-Thru at Connswater.

Tim Hortons®, the iconic Canadian coffee chain, has opened a new restaurant at Connswater Shopping Centre and Retail Park.

The Connswater location is the second Tim Hortons® restaurant to open in Northern Ireland, and the first Drive-Thru. The first location, on Fountain Street, opened to great excitement in May, with 300 people queuing around the block to be among the first to taste Tim Hortons’ famous coffee and donuts.

The opening of Tim Hortons® in Belfast will create new job opportunities at all levels, including managers and assistant managers. Those interested in applying should keep an eye on our jobs page:

The Tim Hortons® brand was founded by its namesake, a top professional ice hockey player, who wanted to create a space where everyone would feel at home. Fast forward to 2018, nearly eight out of 10 cups of coffee sold across Canada are served at Tim Hortons® 1 restaurants and more than 5.3 million Canadians – approximately 15 per cent of the population – visit the café daily.

Across the United Kingdom, Tim Hortons® restaurants serve an extensive and varied menu of delicious drinks, including Tim Hortons® signature brewed coffee, espresso-based beverages, hot chocolate, French Vanilla and classic frozen Iced Capp® drink, as well as baked goods, breakfast and lunch items made from quality ingredients. Guests can also look forward to Tim Hortons® signature Timbits®, bite-sized donuts which come in a variety of flavours.

Laura McCarthy, senior property asset manager of Alfred Street Properties Ltd, said:

“We are delighted that Tim Hortons has chosen to open its first Drive-Thru in Northern Ireland at Connswater Shopping Centre and Retail Park. This is further confirmation that the scheme has turned a corner and significant changes made to date have been having a positive impact for our customers and the retail trade. Today’s announcement is great news not only for the scheme but for east Belfast and the local economy as well.”

Kevin Hydes, chief finance and commercial officer of the Tim Hortons® franchise in the U.K. said:

“When we opened our first Belfast restaurant in May, we were completely blown away by the excitement and the we’ve been doing roaring trade ever since.”

“Tim Hortons is in the process of an expansion strategy which will see us identifying a number of sites across Northern Ireland in the coming few years. We have some work to do before we open in Connswater Retail Park and we look forward to working with Belfast City Council’s planning department to expedite the process so we can start trading in east Belfast as quickly as possible.”