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UnSmart Home

Friday 28th – Sunday 30th October 2022
Thursday 3rd – Sunday 6th November 2022

Unsmart Home Social_social

Oh No! ZeeZee has accepted too many cookies and got the hiccups! Can you help us put the smart home back together?

Three’s Theatre Company are taking their immersive experiences to the next level with this audience interactive event at Connswater. Similar to an escape room puzzle but designed for children to encourage an interest in coding.

In groups of 3-5 people, with a minimum of 3 people aged 7+ you will have 30 minutes to help ZeeZee and restore the UnSmart Home. Be prepared to problem solve, move about and work together as a team!

In collaboration with Instill and Rasberry Pi the game has been designed to encourage key learnings that support coding.